"The Firefly team have worked with Urban&Civic on several of our largescale strategic sites, nationally. They are professional and produce work to a high quality responding to briefs for a range of purposes"

Johanne Thomas




Utilising drones to deliver the data you need, when you need it.

We've drawn upon our extensive experience in the construction and infrastructure sector to offer a diverse range of tailored services. We constantly strive to deliver tailored, innovative outputs that offer value for money and accuracy. 

Construction sites can be complex environments to operate in. We handle each project with professionalism, transparency and attention to detail so you can be assured that you get the right outputs quickly, safely and legally. 


Aerial data supported by ground based control measures.  In-house data processing also available

Life-cycle monitoring

Routine visits from set angles to gather actionable insight


Utilising video, images, 360 VR and time-lapse


High definition imagery to support inspection or insurance needs

We have access to a range of aircraft and sensors to accomplish the tasks we are working on.  The DJI Matrice M210 can carry high definition RGB sensors, thermal and zoom cameras.

The Phantom 4 Pro V2 is also a very capable aircraft for a multitude of tasks.

Whatever the mission, we will select the appropriate equipment to deliver the highest standards of outputs.

Specialist missions are also taken care of with the ability to adapt aircraft with custom modifications.  If we don't have what we need, we can usually access it or make it!

Have a long running project you'd like to monitor? Or perhaps you'd like to see how your site has taken shape over time.  We can record three directional location data from the point where an image was taken, allowing us to repeat the image or video flight path as many times as needed.

Ideal for long running projects, we can tailor our visit schedule to the length of the build and focus on key milestones along the way.

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Aerial Innovation