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We supply a 'one stop shop' solution to construction site video and photography. 

We've drawn upon our extensive experience in the construction and infrastructure sector to offer a diverse range of tailored services that meet the needs of modern construction projects.


We constantly strive to deliver tailored, innovative outputs that offer value for money and accuracy. 

"The Firefly team have worked with Urban&Civic on several of our largescale strategic sites, nationally. They are professional and produce work to a high quality responding to briefs for a range of purposes"

Johanne Thomas


Construction support service by FireFLY AI 


  • Consultation meeting to define frequency, outputs and key deliverables to stakeholders

  • Quarterly reviews looking at changes to AOI and planning the following months requirements

  • Full risk assesssment and RAMS production

  • Site inductions and introductions


Data collection

  • Range of multi-rotor aircraft and payload options

  • Access to fixed wing data acquisition 

  • DSLR sensors

  • 360 cameras

  • Timelapse units

  • Survey equipment (ground station etc...)


High-quality outputs

  • Aerial progress imagery (usually 24h turnaround)

  • Marketing & promotional material

  • 360 degree tour creation

  • Photogrametry and survey outputs (inc. topo)

  • Professional photo and video content creation 

  • Bespoke visual Intelligence viewing platform 


Long-terms projects signed up to the Life-cycle monitoring package also benefit from our time-series video content. For consistency, shots are taken from recorded 3D positions each visit.  With some video magic, time-series videos can be created showing your project develop over time.

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