Integration of drones into your business

The commercial application of drones is increasing as quickly as its technology. Businesses all over the world are discovering ways to exploit drones for their individual purposes.  Without considered research into their specific application this integration can be a rough journey.  That's where we can help.

We will show that with the right implementation, drone technology can have a massive impact on how you manage costs, control risks, increase safety and influence outcomes.

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Helping organisations skill up their workforce and ensure bespoke drone programs are implemented successfully and continue to develop.

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AV8 Flight School

The Certified AV8 Drone Pro course contains everything required* in order to obtain a Permission / Operational Authorisation from the UK Civil Aviation Authority

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How can we help:

  • Flight training

  • CAA approved training (via partner Consortiq and AV8 Flight School)

  • Equipment advice - what is the best tool for the job

  • Policy and procedures

  • Operation Manual and enhanced permissions

  • Ongoing training focussed on task based outcomes