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Dynamic First Person View Video 

As well as our traditional filming services, we're also proud to offer bespoke 'micro-cine' filming. This highly skilled method of filming using custom built 'cinewhoop' aircraft captures dynamic and engaging proximity shot suitable for numerous applications.  We can navigate a camera though places that normal drones cannot, capturing the action in angles previously only possible using techniques like CGI.

How do we do it?

We've developed a range of small custom-made aircraft suitable for a variety of environments. Their features are tailored to this specific type of flying though If we don't have the right aircraft, we can probably make it! 

All of the aircraft are built by us, often with custom modifications and tailored to a specific task. For us, the designing and building is half of the fun, though nothing beats the feeling when you nail a shot!

If you want to read about what we're working on at the moment, Check out our Blog where we're usually tinkering and testing something. We've even produced a guide to how we built one of them called the Squirt. You could also consider mixing this with our Artistic Style Transfer effects for some truly wonderful effects.

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What makes the shot work?

  • Flights are usually single takes with no cuts in the editing process

  • Works well if there are things to fly through or close to.

  • Decent weather is required with minimal wind if flying outdoors.

  • People in the shot need to be very aware of flight paths and trust that the Remote Pilot is capable of making the flight.

Is it safe?

  • The planning involved in this type of scene is equal to any commercial job, if not more so.  There is no 'let's just chance it' with this type of flying

  • The aircraft we use have ducted props, meaning it's a lot safer to fly around soft targets or things of value.

  • The Remote Pilot is highly trained to conduct this type of flight, though will only do so if 100% safisfied that it can be done safely!

How can I book one?

  • A site visit (or several is necessary to establish feasibility

  • We will work closely with you to choreograph a shot that gets across what you need.

  • This type of shot doesn't work for every application, so first step is to get in touch and see what we can do!

Behind the scenes

Rather than piloting the aircraft via line of sight, we use first person view (FPV) goggles to get an 'in the cockpit view' of the flight. This allows us to judge gaps and position the aircraft in a way that would be next to impossible flying from a monitor and watching the drone.


The camera feed you see here is what the Remote Pilot sees and gives you an impression of the signal break-up that can occur when flying indoors.  Antennas, power and position are all assessed prior to flight to achieve the best possible signal strength throughout the flight.  

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