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Immersive Virtual Visit Videos  

The whole museum experience has been temporarily disrupted by COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions. We have developed an innovative form of video tour for museums to engage with new and existing audiences in the virtual space.  We call them Virtual Visits.

What are Virtual visit videos?

Virtual Visit videos are the perfect mix of creative and technical expertise. We use small custom made drones to take the viewer on a journey through the museum, providing a never before seen perspective of the exhibits.  The drones are piloted by experienced operators who understand the complexities of the environment and ensure everything is conducted safely.  The aircraft themselves are custom made for the task and come fitted with propeller protection.  In addition to them being very small, they are also very lightweight, coming in at just 166g you can be confident that exhibits are safe to be filmed.

Fly now, pay later

To help support museums and educational establishments during this time, we're offering flexible payment terms to allow the creation of the tour in advance of re-opening, with payment delayed until sites are allowed to re-open to visitors. Terms and conditions to be agreed.

A case study about the Virtual Visit Video we made for the Dehavilland Museum which includes some ideas on how to utilise this form of video and the practical benefits can be found on our blog. 

What makes the shot work?

  • Flights are usually single takes with no cuts in the editing process

  • Works well if there are things to fly through or close to.

  • Decent weather is required with minimal wind if flying outdoors.

  • People in the shot need to be very aware of flight paths and trust that the Remote Pilot is capable of making the flight.

Is it safe?

  • The planning involved in this type of scene is equal to any commercial job, if not more so.  There is no 'let's just chance it' with this type of flying

  • £10m public liability insurance

  • The aircraft we use have ducted props, meaning it's a lot safer to fly around soft targets or things of value.

  • The Remote Pilot is highly trained to conduct this type of flight, though will only do so if 100% safisfied that it can be done safely!

How can I book one?

  • A site visit may be necessary to establish feasibility

  • We will work closely with you to choreograph a video that gets across what you need.

  • This type of video doesn't work for every application, so the get in touch and see what we can do!

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To discuss how we can support you, please contact us via the form below or for a chat about our services, please call Commercial Director Paul on 07913819283

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