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Coming at you live!

Paul starting up the live-broadcast unit

We're pleased to announce a new live broadcast service using a state of the art 4G network streaming box. This opens up a more professional and reliable system of live broadcasting compared to the traditional means of Facebook and Youtube.

The unit takes a HDMI feed from wither the controller or Crystal Sky monitor and broadcasts it over a choice of 4G networks (depending on which has the better signal) which a latency of between four and ten seconds.

The stream is password protected, secure and easy to use. Future updates to the service will include a branded portal to view the stream and the ability to communicate live with us on the ground.

This addition to our equipment will allow real time progress monitoring of infrastructure projects as well as support to insurers and emergency services during CAT events.

If you'd like to know more about this service or have an event coming up where this ability could enhance the event, please get in touch.

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