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'Naked' Insta360 One R: Tear down

Following on from the successes of the previous versions of our invisible drone the Griffin, I've decided to explore one last improvement with the concept that will eliminate much of the need to compromise on hardware. A de-cased/naked One R module.

This modification will require a full tear-down of the 360 module to allow me to use the ribbon cable within the unit to increase the inter-lens distance. This will create a larger blind spot allowing me more flexibility in hardware mounting and battery choice.

The unknown at this stage is if the increase in lens distance will effect the stitching of the two outputs. My prediction is that the stitching will be fine, though there will be more severe clipping and distortion of the video at close range - effectively extending the join line further away from the sensor.

The first step is to extract the lenses:

Here are some close up shots of the lens modules

An unexpected design feature is what looks like a 45 degree reflector from the lens to the sensor.

Next step will be to design a test mount for the two lenses to see how the stitching is effected so stay tuned!

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