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Nutmeg update

The build has gone together smoothly, with no puffs of magic smoke and a successful Betaflight set-up and test. Most of the parts were items I already had in stock, though without these, it would still have been a reasonably inexpensive build (aprox £150 of parts).

EMAX RS1306 motors and 20A Flytower stack in place

My prior concerns about the strength of the PLA printed base plate are certainly looking a reality at this stage, it's certainly no carbon fibre substitute... My only hope are the multiple attachment points around the plate give it the strength it needs.

Completed build

The propellers for this model also pose a challenge as this specific size and shape are not available to buy - believe it or not, this isn't a popular size...

A propeller cutter/trimmer was printed and used with a multi-tool to achieve an even and repeatable cut.

Cut prop on the jig next to an original

When finished, you're certainly presented with an interesting model. Without the ducts, I would not think for a second that this thing would fly, though I am hopeful of at least a hover. It's not as heavy as I expected either, even with a muddy Hero 7 sung on top (clear TPU printed mount).

But will she fly?!?!

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