• Stuart and Paul

On the road with the OSMO and Hero 7

Yesterdays job required some footage of a short car journey taken from a vehicle mounted camera. We're previously achieved this with the OSMO handle mounted to a pole which was in turn strapped to roof rails. It certainly worked well for the shots we needed.

As we had recently acquired an OSMO Pocket and Hero 7 Black, I thought this would be a good chance to use one of them. But which one?!

Although the job was the following day, I hastily drafted a rough working design in CAD for a dampened plate that would mount to a car and hold both cameras.

I re-used a set of DJI Inspire 1 vibration dampeners which has a simple 6mm and 12mm diameter. They were also nice and firm to cope with the vibrations from the car

The print worked a treat, though you can't blame me for anchoring it in three locations!

I'll share some comparison footage soon once I've processed the rushes.

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