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Who thought it wouldn't fly then?

Well, it did!

Excuse the trousers drying, the first test flight was in my son's room :)

There is good news and bad news regarding the Nutmeg.

Good news:

It flew

Nothing exploded or caught fire.

Bad news:

As suspected, the 3D printed base-plate was not strong enough to cope with the forces from the motors, even with the bracing to the ducts. This resulted in damage to the ducts on heavy throttle movement and 'flight characteristics incompatible with keeping it airborne' shall we say.

The flex in the base plate caused a prop-strike with the ducts. PLA is strong, though brittle.


The base plate needs to be stronger, either a stronger printer filament or ideally a 3mm or so carbon fibre plate. Andy Shen has told me he should be getting these in a week or so, so maybe I'll revisit it then, though for now the model has a flaw that I cannot overcome.

I find the compact size appealing and can see an application for tight indoor shots. It's safe and has just enough lift to lift a Hero 7. It is definitely worth pursuing, so watch this space for more updates on the Nutmeg!

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