This type of DIY small format drone is sometimes referred to as a 'cinewhoop'.  It's designed to be a safe and steady GoPro platform that also packs enough punch to make things exciting!

The Squirt is not a racing drone, nor is it particularly an acro aircraft (nor is it that easy to fly).  What it excels at is smooth, steady intricate shots via either a GoPro Hero 7 Black, Osmo Pocket or similar format action camera. 


This is not  beginner model. Several parts must be 3D printed and there some interesting nuances to its flight characteristics. 


What I have presented here is my build of the Squirt, built for a very specific purpose with a sprinkling of boundary pushing with the Osmo Pocket... So let's get building!

Despite not having heard of any vibration issues with the frame, I fitted silicone dampeners between the motor and carbon fibre frame anyway. Better safe than sorry.

One to watch when soft-mounting motors is the rubber touching the circlip on the bottom of the motor. This resistance can at best cause the motor to perform sub optimally and at worst cause it to overhead and burn out.

These are 1407 3600Kv brushless motors.  I believe the Nurk build has 1407 3800kv motors, though I may be mistaken