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Now to start wiring the electronics!

The Hobbywing F4 flight controller and 4in1 45A ESC were used as the main stack.  This should provide ample power for all kinds of flying styles, though a 25A ESC on a 4S battery could in theory do the job


There are multiple ways to mount the ESC and FC stack.  I know that Nurk likes to mount it so the Capacitor sat between the ducts, though as space is not an issue here and I didn’t want to mess around with the motor mapping I kept everything facing the right way.


Likewise with the ESC cables, these can either be soldered and tucked under the ESC board or just left on the outside.  I’m not going for A1 cable management on this build, so applied a fairly relaxed approach to where the wires sat.

Battery cables and capacitor attached to the ESC board.  The capacitor is in place to try and minimise voltage sage to the other components of the stack and reduce noise in the video feed.


Wiring the flight controller to the ESC is fairly straight forward, just a single patch cable. As for the flight controller in/outs, just pay close attention to the wiring diagram and double check you have selected the correct wires to join.  It’s important to think ahead to component placement at this stage as you want wires short, though also not desperately tight either.


The receiver and video transmitter cables are fitted with connectors which allow quick plug and play with replacement or upgraded parts that may follow.  As with most stages of the build, it is important to always check you have wired components correctly to avoid letting out the magic smoke!

The VTX used was the AKK FX2 5.8Ghz 800mw unit and the Futaba RX, buzzer and other parts were from the spares box.

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