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The version one model of the Squirt uses a full size FPV camera mount, though I had a Runcam Micro Sparrow camera I wanted to use. Version two has been released which I believe changes this to a micro camera mount by default.

In order to make this fit, I printed out some converter brackets which sat around the forward standoffs.  You can print this in either PLA or TPU.


Similar problems occurred with the main filming camera as I was keen to try out the OSMO pocket on this build.  The roll stabilised footage and low profile woul dmake a perfect combo with the Squirt.  However, no mounting sollution had been designed at that stage apart from a prototype under-slung version from Andy.


I designed a simple top mounted cage for the OSMO and mounted it so the gimbal movement would not catch the frame and the propellers would be out of shot. 

The version where the camera mounted straight to the frame yielded horrible results with jello off the charts!  See the video below for some idea of just how bad this was.  The jello issue was soon solved with a modification to the mount that included four rubber vibration dampeners I stole from the spares box.


The vibration plate on the OSMO mount solved the jello problem, though during some internal test flights, it became apparent that the field of view was not great enough for the look I wanted, so in the end switched to the Hero 7 anyway.

It was nice to get a shout out from Andy though after he took the idea of top mounting it and designed his own clever system of mounting.

I guess we need to talk about propellers for this aircraft at some point as it's not an off the shelf solution and propellers need to be cut to fit the ducts.  I'll come onto that in the next instalment! 

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